Quantum Medicine is much larger science than Standard/Modern Medicine.

Quantum Medicine (QM) covers the whole science regarding the Physical Body. It includes the Human Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry, Hematology, etc.  

QM recognizes and contains in its teachings: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Medicine of the Aboriginal People of Australia and Americas, Ayurveda- Traditional Medicine of India, Acupuncture, Traditional Natural Medicine of Europe, and other continents and medicines. QM reaches to Taoism, Socrates and other sources of knowledge of the last 5000 years.

QM recognizes that the Human consists of the Five Bodies: Physical, Vital, Mental, Supramental and Bliss Body as one. At this very moment, it is obvious that making diagnosis looking at Physical Body alone is a mistake. Physical Body is only 20% of the whole Human.

QM looks at causes of disease and focuses on building on health. Instead of trying to lower symptoms as the first rule. The patient is being educated about the fact that she/he is responsible 100% for her/his body and health.

QM looks at all the life around us as fields of energy. Deficiency or excess of energies of certain spectrum of frequencies causes disease. There is abundance of these frequencies in nature. It is possible to balance these energies by taking them in form of supplements,or the use of right technology.